Welcome: The Frugal Fashionista

Hello It’s Me Shayla-Marie Aka Batmom85!

I loveeeeee FASHION! I study the fashion trends in Europe, I obsessive over fashion blogs and Instagram fashion feeds, I daydream of shopping in the south of France..(honestly I’d take The promenade in Temecula ..it’s been a while☺️) When they change the display at “Forever 21″…I feel it in my SOUL🤣 but I have two daughters, so I don’t always have the finances to keep up with the runways..but I still want to look GOOD! So I bargain shop!LIKE A BOSS!

I hit up Burlington’s Coat Factory..

A LOT! I used to deny myself so much I wouldn’t even spend $20 a week on myself for fashion, because I’m a mom with a family I felt guilty for wanting to spend just $20 on myself…well that stopped a couple months ago. There’s so many good bargains out there.. both of these items picture are LESS THAN $20! It takes a little bargain hunting..in fashion it’s about who you know.. and you know me! I have the inside connections so several internet boutiques, I bargain hunt like a billionaire on safari! I was sitting home thinking why don’t I bring these savings to my friends and show them “WHERE THE BARGAINS AT!”I’ll show you everything from what I’m buying online.. (always under $100..I have kids to feed okkurrr😂) annnnnd what I buy in stores!

This is going to be sooo much fun!